An initiative of the Deakin Child Study Centre

Deakin University, in partnership with the Victorian Department of Education and Training, is proud to present the AllPlay Learn program. This novel and innovative program aims to support inclusivity of children and young people with developmental challenges and disabilities in an education setting through the development of practical online evidence-based resources targeted at teachers as well as information for parents, children, and the broader community.

The program is based on the AllPlay framework, which delivers accessible online evidence-based tools and resources to assist and support children with developmental challenges and disabilities and their families to successfully participate in mainstream activities.

The AllPlay Learn program will facilitate the translation of inclusive practices from educational policy to the Victorian school classrooms and early years settings to ensure meaningful outcomes for children with developmental challenges and disabilities.

The focus of the resource development is on common issues faced by children across a range of developmental challenges and disabilities, with a particular emphasis on social and behavioural challenges.

The program provides practical advice and includes a promotional campaign to generate awareness of inclusive education. Aspects of AllPlay Learn will be co-designed with teachers to ensure that it provides a flexible and accessible learning package to complement the needs of the education sector’s training and professional development requirements.

AllPlay Learn includes:


Online and real time evidence-based resources to support teachers and education assistants to enhance participation in learning regardless of a child’s level of ability;


Setting specific information for early years education, primary schools and secondary schools (targeting young people transitioning to skills-based training/employment);


Online evidence-based resources for children, parents/family and the community;


A professional development package, providing online learning/professional development resources accessible only by teachers and education assistants to apply AllPlay Learn in the classroom/school community and early childhood settings.

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Are you a parent/guardian of a child with disability? Help us make childcare, kindergartens and schools more inclusive for children of all abilities! We are building AllPlay Learn and we need your input! You are invited to take part in a study to understand the experiences of you and your child with a disability in the education setting.