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Here you will find a range of posters, handouts, and more to support the inclusion of children with disabilities and developmental challenges.


We provide a range of stories that help children with disabilities or developmental challenges learn more about early childhood education and care settings. Each story comes with audio so that children can listen to the story. We have also provided these same stories without pictures so they can be customised with personal images or photos that are relevant to the child or children you will read it with.

Inclusion resources

We have provided a range of resources for facilitating the inclusion of children with disabilities and developmental challenges. We provide resources to help children learn how to manage their emotions and problem solve. You can access a home schedule to help your child see what comes next when getting ready for childcare or kindergarten. We also have posters celebrating the strengths of children. Finally, we also provide a strengths and abilities communication checklist to facilitate communication between educators and parents.

Link to AllPlay Learn's Primary Strengths and Abilities Communication Checklist
Communication checklist
Link to AllPlay Learn's Character strengths poster
Character strengths poster
Link to AllPlay Learn's emotions cards
Emotions card set
Colour Version
Link to AllPlay Learn's emotions cards (black and white version)
Emotions card set
Black and White version
Problem solving guide
Link to AllPlay Learn's Home Schedule resource for early years
Home schedule

Sleep resources

Research consistently identifies good sleep as essential for wellbeing. Sleep schedules can help children become familiar with bedtime routines and can reduce bedtime resistance. You can access an example of a sleep schedule below, with a template that enables you to add photos from your child's own environment.

Sleep schedule with images for families (PDF)
Sleep schedule - example
Sleep schedule for families - Add your own images (PPT)
Sleep schedule - add your own image
Link to AllPlay Learn's Instagram account with text