We are committed to providing a website that’s accessible to everyone. We’re constantly improving the website’s accessibility and usability, and are working towards achieving compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA standards.

We do this by:

  • using standardised designs and templates that have been tested for AA compliance
  • building the website using HTML 5 specifications and defining the look and feel by CSS3
  • providing training, guidelines and support for our website developers and publishers in accessibility standards
  • using automated accessibility testing tools as well as manual checks with the keyboard and screen reader software
  • conducting accessibility reviews and actioning issues
  • encouraging feedback from our users.

Accessibility enquires and feedback

If you’re experiencing difficulty accessing information and need an alternative format, or have a suggestion to improve the accessibility of our websites, please get in touch by contacting us. Please remember to tell us the URL of the page you’re having trouble with, and what device, operating system and browser you’re using.

Other tips

All of the videos on this website have closed captions. You can turn this on when you play a video by clicking on settings and turning subtitles/closed captions on. One way to change the text size is to go to your browser settings, find the font size option and change this to the desired size. You can also increase the page zoom in the settings of some browsers like Chrome and Internet Explorer. In Firefox you can change text size and contrast by going to options then content settings. Some of these will depend on which browser versions you are using.