Find information and resources to help you during secondary school!


Check out these comics made especially for you! They can help you to learn how to be organised at secondary school and there is a comic which helps you manage anxiety. You can learn about what bullying is and what to do about it, including cyberbullying. You can also find out where to get more help if you need it.

Including everyone

We have posters, activity books, and other downloadables all about including everyone! You can learn more about being friends others who might have a different way of seeing the world. You can also print posters about being different, and talking with others.

Peer mediation communication prompts poster
Character strengths poster
Peer information sheet
Peer information sheet
Peer information sheet
Cerebral palsy
Peer information sheet
Deaf, deaf and hard of hearing
Peer information sheet
Intellectual disability
Peer information sheet
Blind and low vision
Peer information sheet
Physical disability

Managing stress and emotions

Teens can sometimes feel some pretty big and complex emotions. You can print cards about different feelings, print a problem solving map, or you can do some relaxation breathing!

Emotions card set
Colour version
Emotions card set
Black and white version
Problem solving guide

Taking control of anxious thoughts and feelings

AllPlay Learn’s Taking control of my anxious thoughts and feelings form can help you notice the signs you may be starting to feel anxious, and take action to manage your worries or anxiety. You can ask your family, teacher or psychologist for their thoughts or help with this form if you think that will be helpful for you, and you can share the completed form with them so they know how they can best support you.

There are two forms to choose from – one uses straightforward language to describe signs of anxiety, and the other uses more ‘abstract’ language, like “closed body language” and “procrastination”. You can choose the one you feel most comfortable with.

Taking control of my worries
If you prefer simpler and more concrete language
Taking control of my anxious thoughts and feelings
Uses some abstract/complex terminology, like “closed body language” and “procrastination”)

Practical stuff about lockers

If you find your locker is causing you lots of stress, we have some tips and a poster to help you with this!

Locker checklist

Starting Year 11 and 12

Here we have some information that is helpful to know when starting Year 11 and 12. There's information on VCE, VCAL and what happens after school.

Transition to Year 11 and 12

Get help

We also have information about how to get more help if you ever need it.
What to do if you see someone is being bullied
How to ask your friend if they are okay
How to ask a teacher for help
How to ask a parent or adult for help