Transitions throughout the primary school day

Some children may find transitioning from one activity to another, or one setting to another, challenging. Some children may be upset or anxious about the change and may become disruptive or be distracted during a transition. Below are some strategies that may help a child with a disability or developmental challenge transition throughout the day:

  • It may help if you tell children beforehand that it is almost time to transition
  • Giving them clear instructions for what they will do (e.g. "Pack up your paper and pencils"; "Put your hat on") and what behaviour is expected (e.g. "We are going to pack up quietly"; "We are going to keep our hands to ourselves") may also be helpful
  • Information about how long they have to transition may also be needed
  • Children find it easier to transition from one activity to another when it is part of their normal routine
  • Consider having a clear routine
  • You could provide children with a clear schedule that they can look at. This way they know what is coming up.
  • Some children may need reminders throughout the day to look at the schedule
  • Access AllPlay Learn’s teacher resources for a class schedule
  • Consider encouraging them for prompt transitions or for following instructions well
  • Some children with a disability may need extra help with knowing how to transition
  • Short videos showing how to pack up, walk from one class to another, or line up to go home may help
  • Consider using stories that outline a transition too
  • Some relevant AllPlay Learn’s primary stories include: What Happens at Playtime and A School Day