Kids can sometimes feel some pretty BIG emotions. You can print cards about different feelings, print a problem solving map, or you can do some relaxation breathing!

Link to AllPlay Learn's emotions cards
Emotions card set
Colour version
Link to AllPlay Learn's emotions cards (black and white version)
Emotions card set
Black and white version
Link to AllPlay Learn's Problem Solving Guide
Problem solving guide
Link to AllPlay Learn's relaxation script for children with an intellectual disability
Relaxation script
(for children with an intellectual disability)

Taking control of anxious thoughts and feelings

AllPlay Learn’s Taking control of my anxious thoughts and feelings form can help you notice the signs you may be starting to feel anxious, and take action to manage your worries or anxiety. You can ask your family, teacher or psychologist to help you fill out this form, and you can share it with them so they know how they can help you.

Anxiety form