The benefits of inclusion for students, educators and families

Inclusive school communities support all students - including those with disability – to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Inclusive education benefits teachers, leaders, families, and students with and without disability.


Benefits of inclusive education for students include:

  • Career benefits after completing school.
  • Positive learning environments and relationships with teachers.
  • Greater community involvement.
  • Learning that caters to their strengths and abilities.
  • Positive values and attitudes towards diversity.
  • Increased cooperation, social skills, and friendship opportunities.


Watch or share this brief animation in which a teacher explains the benefits of inclusive education for all families.

Teachers, leaders and education support staff

Benefits of inclusive education for teachers and education support staff include:

  • Improved teacher-student relationships, including mutual respect.
  • Increased job satisfaction due to positive student engagement.
  • Broadening perspectives, and more innovative and reflective practices, leading to higher confidence and preparedness.
  • Personal skill development (eg. problem solving), leading to positive social and working relationships.


Benefits of inclusive education for families include:

  • All families feel more confident they can commit to work or study.
  • Improved awareness and understanding of disability leading to more inclusive attitudes in the wider community.
  • Improved connection within the school community.