Making education fit for all kids

Deakin University, in partnership with the Victorian Department of Education and Training, is proud to present AllPlay Learn. AllPlay Learn enables the inclusion of children and young people with developmental challenges and disabilities in an education setting through the development of practical online evidence-based resources and training targeted at teachers as well as information for parents, children, and the broader community.

AllPlay Learn is launching August 2019.

Developed for all

AllPlay Learn teaching resources have been developed to help create inclusive education environments for children and young people with disabilities and developmental challenges in early childhood education and care settings, primary school and secondary school. AllPlay Learn contains resources and information for early childhood educators, primary and secondary school teachers, and education professionals. AllPlay Learn also provides a range of information and resources for children and teenagers with disabilities and their families.

Professional Learning

AllPlay Learn offers comprehensive online professional learning courses about Inclusive Foundations for Children with Disabilities at early childhood education and care, primary and secondary school settings. Teachers and educators can choose from different lessons within a course to suit their learning needs and interests in order to support children with disabilities in educational settings using evidence-based strategies.

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AllPlay Model

The program is based on the AllPlay model, which delivers accessible online evidence-based tools and resources to assist and support children with developmental challenges and disabilities and their families to successfully participate in all aspects of the community including sport, dance and education.

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